Hemp, Turmeric & Black Pepper Oil for Horses|  50ml | Vital Equine

Hemp, Turmeric & Black Pepper Oil for Horses| 50ml | Vital Equine

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Experience the power of hemp and tumeric with this dropper bottle full of the finest Australian grown cold pressed hemp oil and organic tumeric. Infused Hemp Oil and activated by a drop of black pepper oil for your trusted companion. (30ml)

Tumeric has shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and hemp is rich in GLA. Pure hemp seed oil contains balanced omega 3,6,9, GLA. Has been shown to supports digestion and boost the immune system.

Add daily to your dogs balanced feeding regime for best results.

General health 1 dropper twice per day with meals. 

Hemp seed oil is a good plant based replacement for fish oil aswell as a power pack of antioxidants (Vitamin E), minerals and Vitamin D, which is vital for calcium absorption, along with generous amounts of iron and zinc. 

Hemp Seed Oil should be kept in optimal conditions and kept in a cool, dark and dry environment. Once opened it must be kept in a refrigerator.

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