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Hemcrete. A material for the future of a safe, healthier home environment and planet

 Are you looking to build a sustainable, fire retardant, eco-conscious home? 

Don't you wish your house were fireproof, resistant to mould , environmentally friendly and extremely durable? Hempcrete is a composite bio-material, created by mixing the Hurd (chipped woody stem of the hemp plant), lime and water which has shown to have all of the above properties and more!

Building with hemp can also lower your energy bills (up to 50%), help to achieve the united nations sustainable development goals and sequester carbon from the atmosphere for decades after building!

Australian Grown Hempcrete Housing

Are you looking for an alternative to conventional building materials and wanting  a more sustainable living environment? By building with Hempcrete your next house build can help Australian farmers to sequster co2 from the latest bushfires!

Hempcrete can open up possibilities of mitigating natural disasters such as the recent Australian bushfire crisis if implemented correctly. 


  • Can be used to create fire retardant safe walls.
  • Increases energy efficiency of homes due to its natural insulating properties
  • Hemp material has excellent thermal insulation properties, hempcrete houses are cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Building with hempcrete supports Australian agriculture, farmers & environment.
  • Hemp grows in 3-4 months vs trees which take 25-80 years, making hemp a faster, more sustainable construction material
  • Hemp homes use less water to construct than a traditional house
  • Hempcrete has been shown to be hypoallergenic / mould resistant & flame retardant
  • Hempcrete buildings sequester carbon and get stronger for decades after building

Hempcrete can sequester carbon to offset fuel and other emissions and continues to sequester more carbon cumulatively for decades after it is built ! Broadleaf would like to build sustainable durable housing in communities to offset carbon emissions from the latest bushfires.

Broadleaf Hemp Farms Australia

A house per hectare

Hemp Farming | One hectare can produce many tonnes of hemp material per 3-4 month crop! The woody hemp hurd is suitable for building Hempcrete, a Hemp and Lime mixture that is one of the most powerful carbon sequestration tools on the planet.   

 ‘an average 135 sq m home (without subfloor or roofing insulation) at a minimum contains between 2 – 3 tonnes of Hemp.’


    What is the cost to build your next house ? Hempcrete may offer you a more cost effective alternative for your wall construction, flooring, and insulation. Contact us for a quote by filling out this form 

      So what is this Hempcrete thing anyway?

    Hemp’s woody, inner core contains silica that allows it to blend well with lime to create a hardened crystallin structure which turns the hemp essentially into stone.

    Hempcrete Uses | Hempcrete is used for flooring, walls, roofing and insulation. According to experts, it is fire retardant, water-proof, and resistant to rot when installed above ground. Amazingly it is also recyclable at the end of it's lifecycle. Hempcrete has strong thermal insulation properties and offers excellent acoustic properties & sound insulation.

    Hempcrete how is it made

    Hempcrete Benefits

    Unlike it's cousin marijuana, hemp is not a drug. Not only does hemp sequester carbon but it also uses 30% less water than most traditional crops therefore saves trillions of litres of water per cycle when farmed at scale to replace conventional crops. This process of 'regenerative farming' allows water to return into the natural waterways to boost river flows and regenerate the landscape.

    Hemp Natural Insulation

    Hemp's Carbon Sequestration Abilities

    Hemp Housing | Hempcrete continues to sequester carbon after it has set, meaning that our efforts can continue to sequester carbon after we die leaving a legacy for future generations.  

    Carbon Science...

    According to the study 'Life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of hemp–lime wall constructions in the UK' 

    Hemp–lime walls are considered to have low environmental impact. ► A functional unit (FU) of timber frame wall 1 m2 × 300 mm thick has been developed. ► Life cycle process and associated greenhouse gas were established. ► Base on PAS2050 the FU could sequestrate 82.7 kg of CO2e over its life cycle. ► Potential net absorption of 36.08 kg CO2e greenhouse gases from atmosphere.”

    Read More: 


    Carbon dioxide sequestration of fly ash alkaline-based mortars containing recycled aggregates and reinforced by hemp fibres



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