Broadleaf Hemp Carbon Sequestration & Emissions Reduction Initiative

If only there was a machine that pulled carbon out of the atmosphere and cleaned the air..! Oh wait, it’s called a tree! Hemp sequesters far more carbon than trees and grows at a much faster rate.

We believe that Broadleaf can sequester more carbon than anyone else and have set ourselves a challenge to prove it! We also believe that Hemp can create the economy and industry of the future!


Hemp has over 25,000 recognised industrial uses, almost all of which sequester carbon from the atmosphere (except for burning hemp fuel!). Hemp can help to achieve all of the United Nations sustainable Development Goals and help the Australian and other governments to sequester carbon in line with the Kyoto agreement and emissions reduction initiatives.

Broadleaf Hemp has developed an industrial carbon offset program to assist businesses to offset their emissions and adopt a more eco friendly brand story and identity.

One million hectares recently burnt in the Australian bushfire crisis. If you are going to grow a million hectares of hemp, then you have to utilise a million hectares of hemp! We would like to build sustainable durable housing in communities to offset carbon emissions from the latest bushfires.

Carbon Sequestration | Presenting a cleaner, greener, more environmentally conscious industrial standard, turning carbon into jobs, health foods and sustainable, allergy free housing! 

Regenerative farming | Can help to replace all single use plastics on any airline utilising agricultural waste which can be composted as an input back onto the farm.  Regenerative farming with hemp can help to increase soil carbon levels to 4-8% extremely rapidly which is beneficial to water retention and increased fertility.       

Photo Created by Michael Ströck (mstroeck) licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license from Wikipedia.

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