Hemp, Bees Wax, Turmeric & Lemon Myrtle Balm - 60g

Hemp, Bees Wax, Turmeric & Lemon Myrtle Balm - 60g

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Our topical Hemp barrier cream is made from pure Bees Wax, Sweet Almond Oil infused with Hemp,Turmeric & Essential oil of Lemon Myrtle.

Hemp has shown to have natural anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and insect repelling properties, this all natural hemp balm may help sooth and protect against inflammation and itchy skin, and provide relief from skin conditions. 

Rub the cream onto inflamed, sore or irritated skin and other areas prone to rashes and dryness. This soothing, moisturizing cream may help to resist the urge to scratch and support the skin return to its natural state.

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